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How You Can Score Big with Free Restaurant Apps

Posted by Joy Ugi on Aug 19, 2016 3:20:26 PM

Scroll to the end of the blog post to download the 50 Free Apps for Restaurants eBook.

Apps play a crucial role in our lives... from Grandma's Instagram to your teenager's Snapchat... and hundreds of restaurant-specific apps.

In fact, Apple reports there are 2 million apps now available on the App Store to download. These apps represent the acceleration of a way of life that barely existed 5 years ago.

The reality that we're so attached to our apps isn't really that surprising, though...

Apps are free.

They make us more efficient.

They're easy to download and use.

And we can take them with us wherever we go.


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Apps Made for Restaurants

But apps aren't just making your life and my life better... entire businesses revolve around them, too. Airlines use them to speed up boarding, banks use them for painless account access, fitness companies use them to track goals... the list goes on and on.

While most businesses can't survive without apps, the restaurant industry has mysteriously been left behind by technology... until recently.

Restaurants have seen a massive shift in technology. It started out as clunky, server-based technology. Think 90s POS systems delivering hardware and software that took months to set up and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Then came technology of the 2010s... internet-based or cloud-based software that was much easier, much more useful and definitely cheaper. And now we're seeing this same shift happen with apps...

Apps are super easy to use, deployed in minutes, and cost next to nothing.

In fact, over the last few years there's been a handful of apps specifically made for restaurants.

The problem is, restaurant owners and operators have been slow to adopt them.

They know technology is important... 80% say tech makes them more productive & gives them a competitive advantage. But they still neglect the power of apps they use every day in their personal lives to automate almost everything about running their restaurants.

Apps can improve the way restaurants communicate with staff and guests, get things done, and run their businesses.

Apps are pushing the boundaries of what can be done right from your phone... whether it's something as complex as taking reservations or something as simple as making you feel more connected to the people who come into your restaurant.

Restaurants who embrace technology & apps to run better businesses will have a huge advantage.

Those who don't make the move? They're going to continue to struggle.


Embrace Apps to Make Your Life Easier

At Orderly, we're big fans of technology... especially apps.

That's because over the past 2 years, we've talked to thousands of restaurants... and we know apps have led the way in making life easier for them, especially busy restaurant managers.

Based on what we've learned about the industry and what we've heard you talk about... we researched, evaluated, and picked the 50 best productivity apps that will make a huge difference in your day-to-day... the ultimate list of 50 Free Restaurant Apps.

These free apps will help you talk to your customers, organize your to-do list, hire the right people, speed up your processes, and market your business.

You'll find descriptions, features and benefits for your restaurant under each listing and links to download the apps for free.

They are simple the best.

Happy downloading!

Download 50 free apps for restaurants.

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