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The #1 Invoicing, Inventory and price comparison app

Nothing's better than more time & money...

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Go Paperless with Your Invoices


Take a picture of your invoice... and you're done. You can capture, manage, and share invoices online... and it's 100% FREE.


Put Your Accounting on Autopilot


Orderly automatically scrapes line item detail from your invoices. Create categories... assign general ledger codes... and we'll prepare GL reports for you. It complements your accounting software... so you don't have to deal with messy accounting details.


Make Inventory Painless


Use our mobile template with 200 pre-loaded ingredients. Perform a mobile count on any device. We'll automatically update prices from your invoices. Export your valuation, COGS and inventory reports. No spreadsheets, no data entry, no price lookup.


Save Thousands with Price Comparison


Are you paying too much? That's what you really want to know... and benchmark pricing in the Orderly app gives it to you. You'll see your purchases mapped to local supplier pricing... the top 25% of prices being paid... the bottom 25%... and the middle 50%.

So you can see if you're overpaying for restaurant supplies... and save thousands of dollars a quarter.



Quit managing outdated processes for invoicing, accounting and inventory... and stop overpaying for restaurant supplies.

Get the Orderly app for invoicing, inventory and price compare.

The average restaurant saves 21 management hours and $1,061 a month with the Orderly app.