The Orderly App with Benchmark Pricing



Am I getting a good deal?

If you're in the restaurant business, that's what you really want to know... and the Orderly app can help. It now contains benchmark pricing on your most important ingredients.

It's like the Consumer Price Index, but for restaurants.

Download the app and here's what you'll get...

  • Access to a searchable database that shows local market pricing... we call it the Restaurant Food Index. It's the industry's 1st guide to prices restaurants are paying their suppliers. It provides a national & local view of price trends on over 100 of the most popular ingredients.

  • Ingredient index that shows the top 25%... the bottom 25%... and the middle 50% of prices being paid.

  • See your purchases compared to local supplier pricing. Snap photos of your invoices... the app will compare your prices to the Restaurant Food Index.

  • The Orderly app comes with price compare and market pricing.

Truth is, 92% of restaurants overpay for their restaurant supplies. Find out the ingredients you're overpaying for... it will save you thousands.