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The Orderly App is the #1 restaurant app for invoicing and inventory. 

The Easy-to-Use, Do-It-For-Me Restaurant App for Invoicing & Inventory

Snap a photo of your invoices and take a complete inventory with our free app.

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 Paperless Invoicing

Just snap a photo and get real-time visibility into your invoices.

  Painless Inventory

No spreadsheets. No data entry. Half the time.

It's As Easy as 1-2-3



Just snap a photo of your invoice and we'll automatically scrape your line item detail for you.

Take a picture, assign a vendor, assign an amount… and you’re done.
Store invoices in your online file cabinet.
Manage the invoice & payment approval process.
Access your supplier purchase log.

With the Orderly App, you can see food spend and price trends by ingredient.

See your food spend for each supplier with the Orderly App.
Access your invoice data online in real time from any device.
Share  with your owner, accountant, GM and chef
(or anyone on your team).

View summary reporting by supplier and month.
Get detailed spend reports by item, category & supplier.



Include ingredient, location, category, UOM, unit cost, unit count, price and prepared items.
Take a painless inventory count with the Orderly App.
See what you're spending by ingredient with the Orderly App.
Create your custom shelf-to-sheet inventory guide.
Perform a mobile count from any device.
The app will assign the price you provided.

Download your inventory in Excel.
See total valuation and Cost of Goods Sold.
It's your spreadsheet, only better.
See your restaurant inventory valuation and Cost of Goods Sold with the Orderly App.

Throw Away the Boxes

End the Paper Trail

No Lost Invoices, Double Payments & Missing Credits

100% Visibility to All Invoices in the Palm of Your Hand

No Spreadsheets

No Data Entry

No Price Lookup

Accurate Inventory Valuation in Half the Time

What Are You Waiting For?

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As an owner, Orderly allows me to have full visibility into our food spend.

Tom Murphy, Owner, Murphy's | Atlanta, GA

Super Charge This Baby!

Put your accounting on autopilot, get price trends in the palm of your hand, and automate inventory.

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Get price trends in the palm of your hand with the Orderly App.