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The Orderly App is the #1 restaurant app for invoicing and inventory. 

The Invoicing, Inventory & Price Comparison App for Restaurants

Snap a photo of your invoices and compare prices with the FREE app.

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Paperless Invoicing

Just snap a photo and get real-time visibility into your invoices.

Painless Inventory

No spreadsheets. No data entry. Half the time.

Price Comparison

See your purchases mapped against local supplier pricing.


Go paperless with your restaurant invoicing and accounting with the Orderly app.

Just take a picture… and you’re done.
Store invoices in your online file cabinet.
 Access your supplier purchase log.
See your invoice data online in real time from any device.
Share  with your owner, accountant, GM and chef
(or anyone on your team).
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Use our mobile template with 200 pre-loaded ingredients.
Perform a mobile count from any device. 
Tap and swipe quantities to count.
Get your inventory count delivered directly to your inbox.
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Take a painless restaurant inventory with the Orderly app.

See your purchases mapped against local supplier pricing with the Orderly app for price compare and benchmark pricing.
Get a national and local view of price trends on over 100 of the most popular ingredients restaurants are buying.
You'll see your purchases mapped to local supplier pricing.
View the top 25% of prices being paid... the bottom 25%... and the middle 50%.
 See your detailed spend reports by item, category & supplier.
The price compare & market pricing feature is available on a 14-day trial.
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Throw Away the Boxes

End the Paper Trail

No Lost Invoices, Double Payments & Missing Credits

100% Visibility to All Invoices in the Palm of Your Hand

No Spreadsheets and No Data Entry

Take Inventory in Half the Time

Save Thousands with Price Compare

Quit Overpaying Your Suppliers

What Are You Waiting For?

The average restaurant saves 21 management hours and $1,061 a month with the Orderly app...


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Orderly is the app that I've been looking for. With the benchmark pricing tool, I was able to pull out my phone, show my vendor what his price was compared to another vendor, and what the benchmark is for our area... all on an easy-to-use graph. Bingo! I immediately got a lower pricing for that item. I  now have a great negotiating tool to compare prices and get my money's worth.

Mary Cho, Dak & Bop's | Houston, TX   dak-and-bop.png


Save thousands with price comparison, go paperless with your invoices, put your accounting on autopilot & make inventory painless.

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See your prices compared to other restaurants in your area with the Orderly app.